Court & Community Schools

  • Students come to the community schools via referrals from the Department of Probation, School Attendance Review Boards, and school districts. Homeless students may also be served. Students in community schools are temporarily in need of a supportive, alternative educational program in order to progress academically and socially.


    Thomas E. Mathews Community School 

    1127 E Street

    Marysville, CA 95901


    Thomas E. Mathews serves as YCOE's Court & Community School.  It serves students in grades 7-12 at its location in Marysville.  The primary goal of the school is to help students succeed academically and successfully return to public school.  Focusing on creating a stimulating learning atmosphere while remediating credit deficiencies and mitigating existing learning problems is paramount.  


    Harry P.B. Carden Court School

    1023 14th Street
    Marysville, CA 95901



    Carden School provides an alternative learning program for incarcerated students.  The schools primary goal is to help students succeed academically and to successfully return to public school upon their release.  Teacher directed learning, group and individual assignments, oral recitation, Health classes, computer classes and arts are infused into thematic lessons.  Special Education services are provided by classroom teachers under the guidance of a Resource Teacher who also works individually with students.    


    Maxine Singer Singer Youth Guidance Center

    1023 14th Street

    Marysville, CA 95901


    A minimum security facility adjacent to the Yuba-Sutter Juvenille Hall.  Camp Singer houses a maximum of 48 male and 12 female juvenile offenders. Courts may sentence juvenile offenders to serve in Camp Singer as a milder alternative to juvenile hall.  Camp Singer residents live in a dormitory setting with individual cubicles.  Residents participate in 90 or 210 day "boot camp" programs that include counseling, anger management instruction and 240 minutes of classroom instruction daily.  Teachers and staff award points for good behaviour.


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