Kindergarten - 22 Year's Old

  • On behalf of local school districts, the Special Education department operates a variety of special day classes for school-age students who have severe physical, emotional, cognitive, or developmental disabilities. Special education students are served each day in these YCOE classrooms, which are located across the county. The kindergarten to high school classes are specialized to meet the needs of students who are medically fragile, have other severe physical or cognitive disabilities, or exhibit emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

    Although each classroom is unique, the following descriptors highlight some of the programs used in selected YCOE classes.

    Programs for Students with Severe Disabilities

    YCOE offers programs and assistance for students who have medically fragile conditions and/or severe disabilities. These classes are taught by staff with specific training for meeting the needs of students with significant medical, cognitive, and communication concerns. The classrooms have specialized equipment and resources to assist students with learning. Adaptive technology and alternative communication options are made available to students as needed.