Child Development Behavioral Consultation (CDBC)

  • How can I access Services?
    If you are a Family or Guardian of a child age 0-5:
    • And the child exhibits challenging behaviors, you can call our program to share your concerns and schedule an appointment.
    If you are a Professional or Family member:
    1. Call the CDBC for a phone consultation.
    2. If eligible, a referral form will be completed over the phone and sent to you by mail or email.
    3. Discuss the details and benefits of being referred to the CDBC Program with the family and obtain a signature of consent.
    4. Return the completed consent form to the CDBC office.
    5. Let the family know that the CDBC Specialist will contact them.
    Referrals can only be accepted after a phone consultation has been completed
    CDBC Provides:
    • Phone consults on behavioral concerns.
    • Home based screenings, assessment and intervention services.
    • Behavioral education workshops offered throughout Yuba County for parents/guardians care providers and other adults living or working with Yuba County children age 0-5.
    • In home Newborn Behavioral Observations for babies age 0-4 months
    • Social Emotional and Developmental Education and observations for parents of children age 0-2 and 3-5. 
    What can I expect?
    The Child Development Behavioral Specialist will team with you to:
    • Provide parenting information, coaching and modeling using strategies that are specifically tailored to support your child.
    • Offer fun age appropriate activities that are specially selected to build on your child’s strengths and increase positive behaviors.
    • Provide you with information about other community resources and assist you in accessing them. 

Contact CDBC

  •    Thelma Amaya, MSW
       1104 E Street
       Marysville CA 95901