SBAC Tools & Resources

  • The Field Test window for most Yuba County schools was April 7–May 16, 2014. Grades 3-8, 11, and a small sample of students in grades 9 and 10 participated. Grade 11 students were encouraged, but not required, to take the exam. Tests took 3-4 hours, although they were not timed.

    The resources on this page were compiled to assist schools and districts in preparing for the Field Tests. Information will be updated as we approach the 2015 test dates.

    Resources for Test Proctors
    Test proctors are designated school staff trained to use the Test Administration toolset. Tests can only be administered by individuals certified as test proctors. Eligible individuals include state-certified educators, paraprofessionals closely supervised by a state-certified educator, and substitute teachers. All test proctors must complete the test administration training prior to any Field Test or actual SBAC testing. Online resources are available to complete these requirements. Additionally, look over the following resources:
    Resources for testing, training & support:
    California ONline Test Admin Manual (pdf)
    Session ID & Test Selection Instructions for Test Admin's (pdf)
    Test Admin User Guide (pdf)
    CAASP Test Security Affidavit for CAASPP Tests (pdf)
    Resources for schools during testing:
    Keyboard Commands for Teachers/Students (pdf) - can be provided to students

     SBAC Usability, Accessibility and Accommodation
    SBAC has provided the information on designated supports, universal tools, and documented accommodations for the SBAC Tests.  Refer to the Usability, Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines (pdf).
    Accommodation Planning Form:
      This is an important form that will help districts plan for SBAC accommodations.  In spreadsheet form, it lists Universal Supports, Designated Supports and Accommodations.  Additional details are provided when you "hover" over items on the spreadsheet.  Download the SBAC spreadsheet (excel) 
     Training Modules

    Video training modules are made available through the SBAC Web Portal.  They are from 6 to 55 minutes each and cover a very wide range of topics.  The following videos may be of interest for schools and proctors:
     Click here for the State SBAC Resource Portal.