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    The county superintendent of schools, appointed by the county board of education, is the chief administrative officer, employer and developer of programs and services as authorized by state statute or determined by needs or requests, the position also provides educational leadership and administers mandated services.

    The county superintendent of schools has direct oversight responsibilities for approving and assuring school district budgets, calling school district elections, and assisting with school district emergencies by providing necessary services. He is also tasked with developing a three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the schools operated by the County Office, and reviewing and approving the LCAPs for all school districts in Yuba County.
    About Dr. Francisco Reveles
    Dr. Reveles is an inspiring bilingual motivational speaker and a dynamic Leadership trainer for students, parents, and educators.  For the past 20 years Dr. Reveles has traveled both nationally and internationally delivering powerful keynote sessions and training seminars emphasizing a fundamental paradigm shift from a Survival way of looking at life's struggles to one that emphasizes a Success perspective.

    Col Broadwell & Dr. Reveles

    Whether delivering a national keynote address for the NASA Langley Research Center Teacher Science Institute, or speaking to youth from across the nation, Dr. Reveles always speaks from the Corazon (heart).  As a result, he has developed an extensive network representing public schools, juvenile correctional facilities, community-based agencies and universities.
    Dr. Reveles brings a strong base of knowledge and experience both as a university researcher and educational practitioner.  His multi-dimensional background includes:
    • University Professor and Senior Researcher:  As a former Department Chair in Educational Leadership, faculty member and Senior Research Associate at the Center for Delinquency and Crime Policy Studies, Dr. Reveles brings a unique field-based expertise emphasizing best practices specifically aimed at motivating youth and empowering their parents.  He brings extensive experience collaborating with school districts, community-based agencies and parent organizations in developing effective practices pertaining to the educational achievement and emotional development of children from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
    • Author and film producer: curriculum writer and author of nationally recognized drop-out prevention materials and textbooks with the support of the California Department of Education and artists Carlos Santana, Rita Moreno, and Edward James Olmos.  He has also produced and directed innovative educational films relating to youth and was recently featured in a nationally released film and book highlighting select Americans whose life struggles can serve as sources of inspiration and hope.
    • School Principal, Teacher of the Year, Counselor and Science Teacher: Dr. Reveles is proud to highlight his experience as a former large (Division 1) high school principal as well as a leader of alternative schools in gang-impacted communities.  Recognized as a District Teacher of the Year, he also has served as head school counselor and biology/chemistry teacher.

    Dr. Reveles in Dancing with our Stars

     Dr. Reveles and Mrs. Donna Green performed in the 2019 Adventist Health Dancing with our Stars. They helped raise over $130,00.00 for the cancer center.



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