• Introductory Class 8530

    In this entry level class, students will be introduced to basic automotive shop safety, tool identification and proper usage, automotive measurement and minor automotive diagnosis and repair. Vehicle preventative maintenance, tire service and repair, charging systems as well as starting systems are all areas that are covered in this class.

    Concentrator Class 8531 (Prerequisite: Introductory course - unless a waiver is obtained by the CT Coordinator or School Principal)

    Building upon the knowledge gained in the introductory class, students will perform more complex diagnosis and repair procedures. Students will begin using state of the art diagnostice equipment to access information from the vehicles computer system to aide in troubleshooting. Examples of the different types of repairs that may be performed in this class include cylinder head gasket replacement, brake system diagnosis and repair, cooling system diagnosis and repair, fuel system diagnosis and repair, as well as steering and suspensions. 

    Capstone Class 8532 - (Prerequisite: Concentrator course. No waiver is available unless it is verified that the student has successfully completed the Concentrator course CALPADS code 8531 at another location.)

    In this class, students will be able to complete increasingly advanced repairs using all of the knowledge and skills learned in the previous two classes. Engine and transmission/transaxle rebuilding are some of the projects completed by capstone students. Capstone students also have the opportunity to attend off site internships, field trips as well as earn industry certification.