• During the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year, in an effort to bring real world perspective to our veterinary assisting program, students have had the opportunity to apply their hard-earned skills to a “Kitty Rescue Center” in Marysville.  Working in conjunction with Field Haven Feline Center and Alley Cat Allies, Vet Tech students in our level two concentrator class have been helping to treat and care for displaced and injured cats from the recent Camp Fire in Paradise and Magalia, CA.   Twice a week, for a few hours each day, our committed veterinary assistant students, cleaned and fed 75+ cats, as well as provided medical care and much needed comforting to those severely traumatized by the fire.

                             Vet student working at Feline Center                               students helping at the Feline Center

    Early April, 2019, students from both the introductory and concentrator Veterinary Tech classes attended an enlightening field trip to the U.C. Davis Small Animal Teaching Hospital.  Guided by a freshman veterinary student, our students toured the fully operational hospital to see how animal patients are cared for and how students hoping to become Veterinarians, learn by applying theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom, to real world animal patients.   Many of our students were inspired by the training facility which included a very impressive collection of bones (anatomy training), high-end microscopes for laboratory work, and large well-equipped surgical suites. Through this experience, our students expressed more interest in the nursing aspect of veterinary medicine, the tour provided the much needed motivation to continue working hard at YCCPCS and striving for a rewarding career with animals.

    UC Davis Field Trip