• Some of the culminating experiences our students had this year included:

    March 28 and 29, 2019, we took a group students to Yuba College for the Weld Camp 2019. Students were given the opportunity to get in-depth hands-on training on some welding and cutting processes as well as CNC Machining. Students seemed to really enjoy going and one is now contemplating going to college to take the machining program there.

                                                                                        Welding Camp

    April 11, 2019, we took a group of four students to Yuba College's annual “Weld Olympics”  which is a competition between local and out of area high schools. There were approximately ten schools there, with about 80 total students. The competition consisted of an individual competition for the more advanced students and a team competition for novice students. YCCPCS took a novice team and were able to win, beating some well established area programs. This was a big deal, our program has only been semi-fully operational since November 2019 and we were able to compete and beat programs where students had been welding for a significantly longer period of time. Next year, it’s on! We plan on winning both the novice and advanced competition!

    Watch out Yuba College Welding Olympics 2020, YCCPCS is all in!

                                           Welding Students                                           Yuba College Welders

    Our next learning adventure will be to Oakland to attend a sand casting workshop at The Crucible an industrial arts school, students will participate in the process of manufacturing parts using casts that they will create.