• The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) ensures that unemployed and other job seekers have access to high-quality workforce services.

    • WIOA service categories of core and intensive services are collapsed into "career services" and there is no required sequence of services, enabling job seekers to access training immediately.
    • Job seekers who are basic skills deficient, in addition to those who are low-income individuals, have a priority for services from the Adult program.
    • Unemployment insurance claimants can receive eligibility assessments and referrals to an array of training and education resources through the Wagner-Peyser Employment Service program*

     *Wagner Peyser Definition: A United States federal law that "established a nationwide system of public employment offices, known as the Employment Services."

    WIOA Overview    <<click this link for more informatoin on WIOA

    Workforce innovation and opportunity Act