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Social Emotional Learning

  •  To achieve the California Department of Education’s mission and vision, YCOE SEL Program strives to support every child’s unique journey to fulfill their potential by providing:

    • an equitable, culturally responsive education
    • academic, social, and emotional learning and
    • safe, engaging, inclusive environment

    Our vision is to provide our districts and county with the framework and tools necessary to build our full potential in sustaining emotionally healthy schools, staff and students. District supports include coaching and training in the following areas:

    Multi-tiered Systems of Support - In California, MTSS is an integrated, comprehensive framework that focuses on CCSS, core instruction, differentiated learning, student-centered learning, individualized student needs, and the alignment of systems necessary for all students’ academic, behavioral, and social success. https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cr/ri/mtsscomprti2.asp

    Restorative Practices- Restorative approaches are all about building community and strengthening relationships. Restorative approaches are based on the idea that when we feel part of a supportive community, we respect others in that community and become accountable to it. Schools can foster this sense of community through daily or weekly circles, in advisory, or in any classes. https://www.iirp.edu/restorative-practices/what-is-restorative-practices

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports - PBIS is an approach that focuses on the emotional and behavioral learning of students, which leads to an increase in engagement and a decrease in problematic behavior over time. It assists the LEA in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions that improve social and emotional behavior outcomes for all students. https://www.pbis.org/

Social Emotional Learning