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  • Marijuana Awareness and Prevention 

  • Positive Family Support 

    The Positive Family Support Program (PFS) is an evidence-based school intervention with universal, selected, and individualized components that builds positive home-school connections. Positive Family Support Program promotes a school culture that increases family-school engagement and positive working relationships between caregivers and schools. The PFS Program is a three-tier support service program.

  •  PFS Services

    Tier I

    School Staff Education: PFS staff will provide each school district a 1-hour training focused on marijuana education and the PFS model. This presentation will give the staff the tools to better understand marijuana use among today’s youth and also implement the 3-tiered PFS model including behavior change plans and family check-ups.

    Family Advocacy Center: All students within Yuba County school districts will have access to the Family Advocacy Center located in the YCOE department at the Marysville One Stop. The family resource center gives students and families access to resources on parenting information, community program referrals, public assistance, computer and internet access, and direct contact with Youth Advocacy staff.

    Tier II

    Student Education: After student, referrals are made to the PFS program, staff will conduct a Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment to place a child within a tier. If placed within the tier II guidelines, a student would be required to attend a weekly, one-hour workshop with PFS staff for one month. A total of four classes outlining information about marijuana and the effects of usage. This approach/referral process can be and is encouraged to be made in lieu of a marijuana related suspension or other marijuana-related consequences on school grounds. The workshop topics include:

    • Cannabis: The Basics
    • Health Effects
    • THC & The Brain
    • Refusal Skills and Social Norms

    Tier III

    One-on-One Mentoring and Counseling: For a small group of students who place into tier III after the Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths assessment, they will be paired with a PFS staff for one-on-one mentoring and counseling. Depending on the needs of the student this includes but is not limited to: prosocial activities, informal counseling, behavioral change plans, and parent/guardian check-ups.

  • Who Qualifies? 

     Any Youth that struggles with their daily tasks or school work due to Cannabis use.  

  • Are You Interested? 

    If you and your child are interested in Marijuana Prevention we encourage you to fill out a referral form.