• Procedure For Recycling Used Computers and Office Equipment

      After a computer or piece of office equipment has given its life for us we want to honor it by giving it a proper burial.
      The first step is to get Technology Services ok that the equipment can no longer be utilized and needs to be disposed of.  The second step is to fill out a Fixed Assets Equipment Delete Form which is available in Fiscal Services. Please state that the equipment is going to be disposed of. Then you will need to remove any asset tag that may be on it. Once the asset tag is removed and the Fixed Assets Equipment Delete Form is filled out and returned to Fiscal Services, the equipment needs to be delivered to the Technology Services office at the One Stop.  If the equipment is heavy or awkward have your supervisor or a Requestor input a Tech Ticket and someone will come and remove it for you. 

      After it lies around for a short period of time, either Hector, Ben or Brian will load it up and drive it out to the Recycling Center where it will be disposed of properly or reused if possible. We occasionally will be able to take them to school sites doing recycling for fund raising.
      If you have any questions regarding recycled technology equipment, please contact Hector at hector.munoz@yubacoe.org.