• Welcome to Aquaponics!

    Or as we like to call it.... The Catfish Place. Our school offers three levels of Aquaponics - Introduction class for new students, Concentrator class for the second year student and the Capstone class for third year students. Our students are working on a variety of projects and experiments in the Catfish Place.

    • Capstone Aquaponic students are building and designing a hanging wall garden that resembles a pipe organ. When the wall garden is complete, it will be used to grow a variety of fresh berries.
    • Students in the Concentrator Aquaponic students are hard at work too. This class is working on incorporating raft aquaponic elements into the main aquaponics system in the lab.  

    In addition to these projects, students are taking steps necessary to incorporate Koi fish into the system and start a koi farm for the program. Because of the connected and versatility of aquaponics, each step in the process of making these projects takes careful consideration and adjustments. Students are engaged in a constant cycle of research, planning, implementation, and reflection every step of the way.