About Us

  • Welcome to Career Preparatory Charter, Home of the Bears!
       We are a unique alternative to the standard school experience. As a WASC accredited State Charter School, we are able to offer small class sizes, and a smaller high school experience. Flexible scheduling options and Career Technical Education (CTE) classes that give students real world applicable skills are the Keystone of our programs. Our all day schedule is unique, offering 9-12 grade students 45 minute class periods to teach our core academics, with flipped Science and Social Science classes. Our modified block schedule allows for 2.5 hour CTE courses! Long classes allow students to gain real world skills and certifications, via hands on experience and rigorous coursework. Did I mention we build hot-rods?  Our all day structure is tailored to prepare students for whatever pathway they choose after high school. We value family and encourage you to come by the school and see what we are all about. We are a hidden gem, quite unlike anything you have seen before. We focus on students that feel they do not fit at the standard high school A-G route and are looking for a more hands on, skill based environment.
       Our program also offers Independent Studies. Our Independent studies students receive top notch academic coaching. This allows students who want to work from home to do so. Our Independent studies students also have access 8-4pm to tutoring services, a computer lab and Library, amenities most programs do not offer. We are able to take students until 19 years of age, and if you continue enrollment without a break, it may still be possible for late academic bloomers to graduate through the independent studies program.
      We are undergoing major growth and development at the site, I encourage you to come and check out the new Yuba County Charter! 


  • Who to call

    General Info & Enrollment 
    Academic Advisor
    Gricelda Elizondo
    Assistant Principal 
    Kristin Ferderber
    (530) 749-4001
    Anel Campos Raya
    CTE Coordinator
    Ken Hamel
    (530) 749-4005
    Principal's Secretary
    Teresa Leon
    (530) 749-4004
    Cynthia Soares
    Operations Manager 
    Shelly Arvizu
    (530) 749-4002
    Special Education Records
    Josette Cooper 
    (530) 749-4014
    Adele Bruce
    (530) 749-4000