About YCOE

  • The Yuba County Office of Education (YCOE) serves all our county’s students, from the most vulnerable, to the most gifted.  YCOE supports district school leaders, and teachers across the county with professional learning, organizational support, and many educational opportunities. We support 2 schools, including the children we educate each year through our Juvenile Court and Community School. We provide a variety of services for the 6 school districts, their charter schools, and one community college district in the county.

    Our Mission

    The Yuba County Office of Education's purpose is to improve the quality of life for all Yuba County citizens.  Our specialty is equipping those with unique needs with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance their journey and empower them to realize their full potential.

    Our Students

    We offer service to students from birth to age 22, including those students who:
    • Have special physical or emotional needs
    • Are expelled from their home school district
    • Are detained in a juvenile detention facility
    • Are from migrant families
    • May be homeless
    • Are in foster care
    • Are in need of drug or alcohol prevention services 

    Our Staff 

    • Collaborate with school, industry, and community leaders to address countywide educational issues
    • Organize and facilitate professional learning opportunities
    • Provide financial oversight for school districts
    • Support teachers and administrators as they earn and register credentials
    • Coordinate regional services for special populations of students
    • Support school districts with their Local Control and Accountability Plans
    • Provide internet connectivity to school districts
    • Coordinate countywide student-safety and emergency-preparation programs
    • Complete background checks and fingerprinting for school employees