YCOE building

Please read through the safety measures and protocols below to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff.

  • COVID-19 Prevention Program

    COVID-19 Prevention Procedures (CPP)

    Yuba County Office of Education Return to Office Health and Safety Procedures and Protocols

    Whether your role during this stay at home order has enabled you to continue to work onsite or you will soon be returning to work on site, there are new Office Health and Safety Procedures and Protocols that we must all be prepared to follow. In this effort to ensure the health and safety of our staff, the work environment, practices and standard operating procedures will need to be modified. With COVID-19 present in our environment for the foreseeable future, we are committed to developing protocols and procedures that reflect current public health guidance on how to stop the spread of COVID-19.

    Based on current Public Health Guidelines, these procedures and protocols were developed and will serve as our guide during this evolving situation. While we are going beyond the minimum guidelines, once implemented, we can adjust as appropriate.

    The Basics:

    All staff will be expected to follow Public Health Guidelines for social distancing, face covering and hygiene, plus additional measures as noted below:

    • Perform a daily self-check before you come to work (you may want to take your temperature)
    • Do not come to work if you are feeling sick and/or have a fever above 100.4
    • Practice required social distancing (6’ or more)
    • Enter and exit the building at designated locations only
    • Wear a face covering while in the building when the 6’ social distancing cannot be maintained
    • Practice regular hand washing - 20 seconds - when entering the building, regularly throughout the day, and before exiting
    • Utilize Health and Safety Stations (and Essential Protective Equipment)
      • Gloves, extra face coverings, hand sanitizer, disinfectant and paper towels
    • Maintain clutter free surfaces and workstations for efficient and regular cleaning and disinfecting

    Everyone should use the designated location. The building will remain closed to the public and doors will remain locked.

    Check-in Protocols:

    • Enter and exit through your assigned entrance
    • Facial coverings are required when you enter the building for the temperature check
    • Once employees are cleared, employees will be required to wear a colored wristband during working hours each day. The colored wristband will give employee access to re-enter the building for that day
    • The health assessment survey must be completed daily at the beginning of the work day by using the emailed link. Employees can choose to complete before arriving to the work site or immediately following your arrival
    • Everyone must wear facial coverings when the required 6’ social distancing cannot be maintained
    • Wash hands upon arrival and throughout the day
    • Wipe down / disinfect your work space

    The YCOE office is closed to the public (for in-person meetings):

    The YCOE office is only open to YCOE staff. The exception being any outside essential workers providing necessary services that are pre-scheduled (i.e., copy machine technicians, plumbers, etc.). YCOE will not be hosting public in-person meetings until further notice, and has transitioned to conducting regular meetings remotely.

    Outside Essential Workers (School Districts, County Departments, etc.):

    In the event that outside essential workers need to enter the building, they must obtain prior approval and schedule an appointment. They will be required to sign-in/out and follow all health and safety protocols. If you are working with an outside essential worker, please contact your department head to coordinate approval and scheduling of work.

    Office Areas:

    To minimize contact with as few YCOE staff as possible, staff members should not travel from one department to another. If you do, please practice proper hygiene and social distancing precautions.

    Everyone Cleans and Disinfects:

    Informational cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be emailed to all staff. Custodians will clean and disinfect every night as well.


    • Most importantly, everyone should take responsibility for using a toilet seat cover, cleaning and disinfecting before and after each use, including wiping down handles and knobs, and sink area after washing hands. (gloves, cleaner / disinfectant will be available)

    Break Rooms:

    • The break room’s capacity as posted on signage outside of the room
    • Most importantly, everyone should take responsibility for cleaning and disinfecting before and after each use, including wiping down refrigerator and microwave handle, water dispensers, and sink area after washing hands. (gloves, cleaner / disinfectant will be available)


    The following signage will be posted around the office:

    • Facial coverings required to enter buildings
    • Health and Safety Stations
    • Health and handwashing reminders
    • Occupancy signs at every meeting room
    • Workstation reminders with protocols and assigned entrance

    Meeting Room Occupancy:

    • Meeting rooms and break rooms will have occupancy signs posted.
    • Only enough chairs and tables will be present in offices and meeting rooms for maximum capacity

    Mail, Inter-District Mail, and Special Education Supplies Protocols

    • Incoming US Postal Service mail will be sorted and placed in mailboxes and delivered on a daily basis
    • Outgoing US Postal Service mail should be dropped off in usual designated areas.
    • As usual, inter-district mail will not be running during the summer and will resume normal schedule in August 2020

    Allergies, Self-Monitoring, Compassion and Support

    We know that many of us experience seasonal allergies that can cause sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc.. We also know that in the not too distant past co-workers may not have particularly noticed when a colleague sneezed or coughed, and now we are all on heightened alert. We need to take care of one another, and trust that each of us will take responsibility to self-monitor and stay home if we are feeling sick. If you develop symptoms during your shift that are unusual and are not related to seasonal allergies, you should go home. If you work in an area of the office where a coworker is experiencing seasonal allergies, please be compassionate and supportive.