Finance Committee

  • The SELPA Finance Advisory Committee is a group that advises and provides formalized structure to develop and review regionalized special education programs and monitor federal, state, and local funds allocated for special education programs in addition to the associated costs across the SELPA in a strategic manner.  The group is comprised of both business officials and program directors in order to provide a balanced perspective in making recommendations to the Superintendents' and Operations Councils. The SELPA Finance Advisory Committee will meet at least twice a year.

    Responsibilities of the SELPA Finance Advisory Committee:

    1. Generate program development recommendations for the following year.
    2. Ensure standardization of between-district MOUs.
    3. Achieve long range strategic planning.

    In order to achieve these goals, the SELPA Finance Advisory Committee planning process will include:

    1. Examining regional program budget information per the SELPA Allocation Plan, including all interim reports, special education staffing ratios, programs currently in place, growth patterns, cost-cutting strategies, bill-back calculation factors, current enrollment figures, etc.
    2. Collecting data/information from all LEAs as appropriate.
    3. Compiling data into a meaningful, standardized format.
    4. Sharing information with decision-makers.


    SELPA FISCAL ALLOCATION PLAN - Adopted 9.18.2023