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    Welcome to our Career Technical Education Program!

    Open enrollment is based on space available.

    Career Technical Education (CTE) classes give students real world-applicable skills and are key aspects of our programs. Our school offers many CTE Pathways ranging from Introductory to Capstone Level. Starting the second week of school, students spend a minimum of one hour attending a Career Technical Education (CTE) Introductory Course one time a week (one credit earned per semester). If a student starts school within the first three weeks of the semester, they may also choose to attend one of our CTE Concentrator Courses, which are on Tuesday/Thursday and Wed/Friday for a two hour block each day for a total of four hours a week (five credits earned per semester). If a student continues in the same CTE Pathway, they may participate in one of our Capstone courses, offered in two hour blocks on Tuesday/Thursday for a total of four hours a week (five credits earned per semester). Career Technical Education (CTE) course offerings link

    CTE Pathways - In Aquaponics, students will learn to raise fish and plants together in one system. The fish waste provides a food source for the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish. Auto Mechanics is for the student who does not mind a little grease under their fingernails. The class will teach the basics of various mechanical systems such as brakes, transmissions and engines. Welding- students will learn the basics of shielded and Gas Metal Arc welding, Flux Core Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten, Arc Welding, Oxy Fuel Welding and Cutting, Blueprint and Welding Symbol reading. These skills can be used in various career fields such as automotive, construction and plumbing. Vet Assisting class is for the animal enthusiast. Students will learn to provide support to the veterinary team by assisting with laboratory procedures such as vaccinations, drawing blood and proper handling of animals.  CTE Pathways video tour

    YCCPCS is a learning community that values family, and we encourage you to come by the school and see what we are all about!

    The Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in its program or activities. The Charter School offers classes in many career and technical education program areas under its open admissions policy. For more information about CTE course offerings and admissions criteria, contact the CTE Director, Cynthia Soares, Principal, 1104 E Street, Marysville, CA 95901, (530)749-4006. Lack of English language proficiency will not be a barrier to admission and participation in career and technical education programs. The Board shall promote programs which ensure that discriminatory practices are eliminated in all district activities. The following individuals represent the appropriate titles for communication purposes: 504 Compliance, Cynthia Soares, Principal, YCCPCS (530) 749-4000 1104 E Street, Marysville, CA 95901