• Hello Bears!

    I am Renick House, your welding teacher. I am excited to help you learn a skill that can propel
    you through life. As a fabricator I spent over 15 years designing and building farm machines,
    railroad equipment, power plant parts and lots of racecars! I hope my passion for creating with
    metal motivates my students to dream big and build bigger!
    Whether you are looking for training to secure your career in welding or just want a class where
    you can escape the classroom for some fun in the shop our welding classes are here. I am
    excited to help further career opportunities with certifications, build confidence with projects and
    use technology to help you build in demand skills that transfer to the real world.
    I just have one question for you... What are you going to build?

    Class motto: We will work safe, we will build big and we will succeed together!

    Parents or Students can reach me anytime at renick.house@yubacharterschool.org