Superintendents & Operations Council

  • The Yuba County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is a multi-district/district-county plan. The Local Education Agency (LEA) membership of the Yuba County SELPA includes both in-county and out-of-geographic member LEAs.

    The six member LEAs located within the Yuba County region include five school districts and one county office of education. Each have one vote on the Superintendent's Governance Council. It is important to note that per local charter petition documents, four of the six member LEAs have authorized one or more charter schools that operate as a “school within the district” for special education purposes. The four charter schools within the Yuba County region are represented in the SELPA governance council by the superintendent of the authorizing member LEA.

    The four member charter LEAs located outside of the Yuba County region (also known as “out-of-geographic” charter LEAs) operate as a consortium of charter LEAs. The superintendent of the consortium has one vote in the SELPA governance structure. Within the out-of-geographic consortium, one charter LEA is located within the El Dorado County region and the other three charter LEAs are located within the Sacramento County region.

    In total, there are ten member LEAs in the Yuba County SELPA who are represented by seven voting superintendents in the Superintendents' Governance Council.

    The Yuba County SELPA LEA Membership includes:

    · California Montessori Project - Capitol Campus (out-of-geographic area charter LEA)
    · California Montessori Project - Elk Grove Campus (out-of-geographic area charter LEA)
    · California Montessori Project - San Juan Campuses (out-of-geographic area charter LEA)
    · California Montessori Project - Elk Grove Campuses (out-of-geographic area charter LEA)
    · Camptonville Elementary School District (including one charter LEA - CORE Charter)
    · Marysville Joint Unified School District (including charter school operated as by an LEA)
    · Plumas Lake Elementary School District
    · Wheatland Elementary School District (including a charter school operated as by an LEA)
    · Wheatland Union High School District
    · Yuba County Office of Education (including one charter school operated as by an LEA - YCCPCS and one charter LEA - YES Charter)

    The Local Education Area (LEA) governing boards agree that they shall participate in the operation of the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) for the purposes of ensuring the provision of programs and services for individuals with exceptional needs.  The Superintendents' Council facilitates this responsibility. The Superintendents' Council reviews and adopts SELPA policies, procedures, regulations, agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. The SELPA Administrator will draft recommended policies in consultation with LEA representatives. The Superintendent's and Operations Council meet jointly at least ten times during the academic year to approve policies and procedures needed to ensure equity and access for individuals with exceptional needs.