Web Resources

  • This section provides access to the many teacher resources at the Yuba County Office of Education, which include online teaching tools, the professional library, grant information and more!

    Brokers of Expertise - Share best practices, best resources, best strategies.
    Bullying - This list of links offers guidance on how to deal with school bullying. 
    Credential Services - Credential Services supports and assists school districts, certificated employees, and credential applicants.
    Hats Off to Teachers
    Kidsdata.org - Kidsdata.org offers data about the health and well-being of children across California. The site offers data for every city, county, and school district in the state.
    Real World Applications - resources at your fingertips to engage students through real world situations.
    Resource Area for Teaching - RAFT is a non-profit organization that provides educators with the tools they need to engage their students in powerful hands-on learning experiences.

    Teaching Tools

    Designing the Arts Learning Community
    This handbook is a guide to designing arts education professional development for K-12 classroom teachers