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  • Welcome to the Career Preparatory Charter School, where we provide an excellent education, tailored to fit your student.  Students in our program gain not just well structured core education, but access to Career Technical Education Courses (CTE) that provide certifications and skills that lead to increased options as employees and students after matriculation.  Read more...


  • Dress Code

    We are a “career preparatory” school, and students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance at school. The type and style of clothing and hair is individual and personal. The school shall only be concerned when these are extreme and could cause distraction, disruption, or be unsafe. Shoes must be worn at all times for safety reasons.

    Inappropriate clothing includes (but is not limited to):

    • Buttons, backpacks, or any clothing that shows obscene words or pictures, slurs, sexually suggestive statements, or language that promotes illegal activities including the use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.
    • Gang attire or paraphernalia related to gangs such as bandanas, belt buckles, shirts, socks, pants, or shoelaces that have a direct connection to any gang.
    • Intentionally revealing clothing. All tops for students should cover the chest, midriff, and back areas, including all undergarments. No tank top or off the the shoulder/strapless tops. Pants and shorts should not sag below the waistline revealing undergarments, and shorts must cover the buttocks.
    • Any accessories that might be harmful to other students and pose a threat to the physical well-being to any student such as, but not limited to, spiked bracelets, dog collars, chains attached to wallets, etc.

    School administrators have the right to require students to change their clothing. The school maintains a lendable wardrobe for this purpose. Students may also contact a parent to bring more appropriate clothing.

    First Offense: Warning will be given; student will be required to change. Second Offense: Student will be required to change; parent will be notified. Repeated offenses will result in suspension (this is seen as defiance).

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