• Research

    YCOE IT engages in the research, design, implementation and evaluation of all technology resource relevant to academic innovation and technology.  IT works to ensure resources are positioned to best support and enhance academic activities and business functions of all staff and students of the YCOE community.


    YCOE IT provides planning and management support for technology integrated academic and business projects.


    YCOE IT advises faculty, staff and students in acquiring and developing technology solutions and environments for instructional and academic activities.


    YCOE IT evaluates emerging information and academic technologies to determine their potential value and impact on YCOE's core activities.



  • Engage

    We engage in the management of technology projects involving the development, application, configuration and implementation of academic education systems.


    IT fosters cooperative relationships with various organizations and vendors for administrative and academic support technology and educational related projects.


    YCOE IT reviews, certifies, propagates, and implements policies, procedures, and data plans for secure data and educational activities.


    IT represents and advocates for YCOE in statewide committees, external partnering, conferences, and academic events relevant to information and education technology services and solutions.