The Office of Technology Services


    Technology Services

    Technology Services encompasses three areas of support.  Technology Programs, Instructional Support and Information Systems.  Technology Services provides a broad variety of services and support to YCOE and its local schools and districts.  From support and training to online data and services for schools, to web applications and development to support, this department is always ready to deliver the support and training our students, teachers and adult users need. 
    The Yuba County Office of Education (YCOE), also serves as the node site for the California K-12 High Speed Network (K12HSN).  YCOE Technology staff manager the core network services that allow the districts and schools within Yuba County to connect, free of charge, to the statewide education network backbone.  YCOE has a 10 Gbps direct connection to the education network, which provides districts access to the internet as well as many other educational resources found online.