Visual Impairment Program (VI)

  • The Special Education Department at YCOE provides services and learning resources for students from 3 to 22 years old who meet the eligibility criteria for Visual Impairment (VI). VI support may range from daily intervention for students with intense needs – Braille users or very low vision students, for example – to monthly consultation for students who require less assistance.
    A variety of adaptive equipment and support is available for visually impaired students. This equipment can range from high-tech devices such as computers that produce Braille to low-tech solutions like a classroom white board to provide appropriate contrast. YCOE's VI staff will 
    work with your district team to recommend and obtain adaptive equipment—and to teach students and staff how to use it.  VI will also provide Braille, large print materials, and recordings for VI students when requested.  Resources are generally supplemented by materials produced by the classroom teacher or assistant.
    YCOE's VI team is available to support not only visually impaired students, but also instructional staff.  We appreciate and understand the challenges classroom teachers face, and that working with visually impaired or blind students may be a completely new experience for most.  Please don't hesitate to contact our department for help! 

Contact VI

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