WorkAbility I

  • The WorkAbility I program assists students with the transition from school to work. Through support from the California Department of Education, students receive comprehensive vocational training and work experience.

    The program provides supportive and competitive worksite placement, and follow-up services. Students also gain self-esteem, and receive other services like vocational training and assessment, worksite supervision and continuing education.

    The WorkAbility I program partners with various employers – including restaurants, retailers and movie theaters – to provide students with opportunities for work experience. Employers provide job descriptions, opportunities and a work mentor. Additionally, the WorkAbility I program offers on-the-job training with no employer costs, and training wages for some students.  Employers receive a pool of prescreened workers who are ready for training, as well as on-going employer support services. The WorkAbility I program assists employers with tax incentives and in meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act.