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Childrens Summit

Childrens Summit: Issues and Implications

By Francisco Reveles, Ed.D.

Yuba County Superintendent of Schools

None of us is as smart as all of us. In a county as complex and diverse as ours, the most urgent projects and initiatives are requiring the coordinated contributions of many dedicated and talented people. Given the issues facing Yuba County surrounding quality of life, health, crime, infrastructure, and education, it is clear that new models of inter-agency collaboration and action are emerging. And like the elephant in the living room, it is also apparent that parallel conversations and interventions are not enough to strategically address these challenges.

On February 20, 2018, the Yuba County Office of Education sponsored the first-ever Childrens Summit: Issues and Challenges at the Yuba College Theatre from 8:00am-12: 30pm. A newly formed inter-agency team of professionals from Yuba County Health and Human Services, Rural Community Partnership, Yuba County Probation, and Yuba County Office of Education came together to provide a candid distillation of pressing issues facing Yuba County. Emphasis was on highlighting a systems perspective over a services approach.

From human trafficking to juvenile delinquency and from youth trauma to a growing population of county children with autism, this forum provided a venue for a deeper understanding of the nexus between environmental/community factors and youth development. As County Superintendent of Schools and Chair of the Yuba County Children’s Wellness and Child Abuse Prevention Council, I have long noted that children do not exist in a vacuum, but in relation to complex factors at home, school, and in the community.

Executive summaries will be disseminated that elected officials and community leaders may need as they navigate diverse, and at times, competing agendas. Assemblyman James Gallagher addressed the forum and former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction and gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin shared her perspective regarding the critical need for closer cross-agency collaboration. Summit attendees heard candid assessments and wide-ranging views specific to issues challenging our communities.

The Yuba County Office of Education is indebted to the summit team of presenters and organizers. They truly represent the best in their fields in terms of knowledge, wisdom, and dedication. Please click on the link below to access the Executive Summaries from the Childrens Summit.


Childrens Summit Executive Summary