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Educator of the Year

The 2019 Educator of the Year nomination period is open through Thursday, March 7, 2019. Applications are available at the Yuba County Office of Education, Plumas Lake, Marysville Joint, Camptonville, Wheatland Elementary, and Wheatland High School district offices. 


2018 Yuba County Office of Education

Educator of the Year

 Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen, Harry PB Carden School

The Yuba County Office of Education sponsored the Educator of the Year ceremony and dinner Thursday, April 12, 2018 at Wheatland High School to recognize and honor exemplary teachers and classified staff from schools throughout Yuba County. The evening’s theme was ‘Yuba County Educator of the Year: Because we care!’
The celebration was held at the Wheatland High School gymnasium with the school’s student leadership team helping transform the venue into an elegant and formal affair. In addition, the school’s stage band provided entertainment with dinner being served by students from Chef Kuulei Moreno’s class. Moreno is an award winning Chef and television cooking personality.

District superintendents, school board members, colleagues and family members of recognized teachers and classified staff attended the event.

County Superintendent Reveles noted ‘This is something that was long overdue. The County Office of Education took the lead in collaborating with area school districts in recognizing exemplary educators at all levels.’

The event also served as the first step in nominating Yuba County certificated and classified staff for state competition to be held later this year. ‘Given the recent headlines surrounding school violence, this event highlighted the hard work and dedication of all our area educators, both classified and certificated.’ Reveles emphasized.

Teachers nominated were Sara Spiers from Camptonville Elementary School, Melissa Morse from Bear River School, Kara Wininger from Cobblestone Elementary, Jeff Magill from Wheatland Union High School and Chris Bowen from Harry PB Carden School with Chris Bowen selected to move on to the state competition.

Classified staff nominated were Jose Ramirez, custodian at Riverside Meadows School, James Carr, bus driver for Wheatland Elementary School District and Jesse Castillo, Director of Fiscal Services at Wheatland Union High School District with James Carr and Jesse Castillo selected to move on to the state competition.


2018 Educator of the Year Nominees

2018 Educator of the Year Nominees


Jesse Castillo

                 Jose Ramirez, custodian - Plumas Lake Elementary School District                                

 James Carr  

James Carr, bus driver - Wheatland Elementary School District

 Jesse Castillo

Jesse Castillo, Director of Fiscal Services - Wheatland Union High School District

Sara Spiers

Sara Spiers, teacher - Camptonville Union Elementary School

Kara Wininger

Kara Wininger, teacher - Plumas Lake Union Elementary School District

Melissa Morse

Melissa Morse, teacher - Wheatland Elementary School District

Jeff Magill

Jeff Magill, teacher - Wheatland Union High School District

Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen, teacher - Harry PB Carden School