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Coordinated Support for Displaced Students

In hopes to assist all of the families and children displaced by the Camp Fire in Butte County, Meagan Meloy has provided a few important resources.


For assistance with records request, please contact Carrie Dawes at for Paradise Unified School District. And for Golden Feather Union School District records requests, please contact Josh Peete at 

In addition, the attached letter is from Butte County Office of Education's Superintendent, Tim Taylor. Please disseminate this information out to your liaisons to assist with immediate enrollment and a smooth transition.  Read Superintendent Taylor's letter here


Superintendent Taylor created a foundation team from district and charter schools to oversee and ensure that all donated funds are solely focused on schools and education. If you are interested in donating, please do so at


Homeless children and youth are to be immediately enrolled even if they do not have the necessary paperwork to enroll, such as proof of residency, immunization records, or other educational documentation.

Title I, Part A reservation funds for homeless education can assist these students with additional services, including transportation.

Homeless children and youth are automatically eligible for free/reduced meal programs.